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"A mystic is a fire consumed with love for God and in response, God makes a dwelling place within the mystic in a deeply real relationship."

- Father Peter Bowes, Master Teacher
The Inner Path Center is a mystical path designed to bring you into a real experience of God. Much like the spiritual communities created by St. Francis of Assisi and Paramahansa Yogananda, we assist people in experiencing truth and a real relationship with God inside.  Only through a direct experience can you really know anything. Christian Mysticism is the spiritual process of seeing, feeling and knowing God at the center of one’s being.

Christian Mysticism is known as the inner path of Christianity just as Zen is the mystical side of Buddhism, Sufism is the mystical side of Islam, Kriya Yoga is the mystical side of Hinduism, and Cabala is the mystical side of Judaism.  All mystics expand past theology and mental concepts arriving at the experience of God.

Prayer and meditation are the main activities in our mystical life.  Meditation enables us to feel God's consciousness and love, and allows us to be healed.  Jesus and Mother Mary are the heads of this spiritual school.  They have equal power in healing, teaching and guiding souls back to God.  
"God is within each human being. If we are going to embrace God, then we are going to have to embrace human beings. The difficulty of embracing other people is that they approach things so differently than we do, and yet they still have the indwelling presence of God within them."
- Father Peter Bowes
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