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Working with a Spiritual Teacher is the cornerstone of Christian mysticism. A Spiritual Teacher guides people through the process of spiritual development in their search to find a direct relationship with God. We have revived the ancient path of Master-disciple relationship much like the Guru-disciple relationship in the East.  
Father Peter Bowes is a priest and Master Teacher of the mystical, Christian path. He is the Director of the Inner Path Center and has taught at various centers in the U.S. For many years, he has been training disciples to have a conscious experience of God within themselves. He was trained as a psychologist and practiced for a number of years in private practice with couples, adults and adolescents. Now he writes books, composes music and makes fine furniture. Father Peter takes on new students who demonstrate a desire to know the truth and experience God within. 


​"The true disciple of the universal way learns to perceive the difference between the false and the true. Mere intellectual discrimination or theory  is not enough. Loving practice is essential in the spiritual life. Your values, beliefs, concepts, and opinions constitute a superficial layer that is not really you. Some people feel that their beliefs make them spiritual, but they are often barren of a spiritual life, because they say one thing and do another. With dogmatic beliefs, there is a suspension of thought and critical thinking that becomes harmful to you. New thoughts become fruitful when they engage your heart and thus can take action in your life. The mind and heart must be balanced, so that the thinking can be spiritually fruitful."
- Father Peter 


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