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The Damaged Psyche

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If you question nothing, you buy into everything. How can you discern truth from lies? You can think thoughts and like or dislike them. That hardly helps because there is no life force in thoughts. There is no passion in ideas. You have to inject ideas with life force - feelings. Opinions are a dime a dozen. What do you really care about?

Humans are damaged by ideas and opinions sold to them by shrewd salespeople employed by dark beings. Fear is the greatest sales force known. What are you missing; what are you lacking; what do you need; and what should you accept in order not to be left behind? Fear is the opposite of love. Fear of illness, fear of disease, fear of lack, fear of loss of esteem, fear of death, and fear of being left out of the latest insane popular fashion. When people are sold the advertising that you will be left out of medical intrusions in the name of health, climate exclusions under the lie that God is not in charge of the ultimate safety of planets created by His thought, then people rush headlong into their own demise. Most people trust their thinking more than they trust the one who created them. That is the demise of the whole population.

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We were assigned to the body we were given to learn lessons and overcome past tendencies and mistakes that kept us separate from our Creator. That means the conditions and development of our parents was divinely appointed to us for specific reasons necessary to our soul growth. It was karmically necessary for us to be born in the culture, climate, genealogy, conditions of the new family for reasons God in His infinite wisdom assigned to us. Most people don’t like that and have many ideas objecting to that condition. With so little memory of the spiritual world, is it any wonder that people have no idea what they are doing in a physical body or what lessons are needed being here? Everything has a reason. Every condition has a positive lesson that needs to be discovered - not resented.

The damaged psyche claims to know things it does not understand. It professes sight where there is mostly cataracts and blindness. It pronounces judgments where it has no evidence and little real consciousness of cause and effect. Most people are just angry and hurt by the conditions they find themselves in. They blame and act out their desire nature and cause themselves major harm. They ask from a place of resentment and blame instead of self-discovery and careful patience. Indulging desires and fantasies makes their life a living hell. Doing whatever you want is the road to become a demon. Demons hate themselves and others and have destruction as the goal.

Becoming an expression of love and care is the goal of human life. Much suffering will be necessary to get to that place of love. This is not the love which the world soils with its degenerating animal nature. Love is rare and requires you to have abandoned fear as your weapon of choice. Love was created by God and one of His chief attributes. No one owns love. God owns that and there is a price to pay to receive it and to express it. One has to abandon fear, hatred, anger and the lower passions in order to experience love. The spiritual life is the rarest of experiences and very few will come to know what that really is.

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