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The Way, the Truth and the Life:​ 

Autobiography of a Christian Master


When we look at those who have attained spiritual mastery, we often ask, "Who is this person?" Only on occasion might we catch a glimpse of the true reality behind the veil that separates teacher and student. In The Way, the Truth and the Life, we get much more than a momentary look at Master Teacher Father Peter Bowes. Father Peter shares his transformation from a wounded, frustrated child in an oppressive family to a dedicated servant of Jesus and Mary. 

Along the way, he relives the trials, the joys, the sacrifices, and the graces that led him to his mastery of the spiritual world. Skillfully written, the book interweaves spiritual teaching with historical pop culture and personal insights with Father Peter's characteristic humor. Father Peter invites readers into the rich experience of his life, and ultimately gives hope to those who wish to follow his path to God.

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Spiritual Astrology

This volume of teachings brings you astrology on a deeper and more real level than likely you have ever before encountered. Moving beyond the love advice and jokes of the typical newspaper astrology column, Spiritual Astrology takes you into the depths of ancient astrological truths, teaching you about the spiritual energies that are impressed upon your soul as a result of the movements of the universe and its astral bodies. Read More

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